Braceface Pornography Story: Possibilities Chapter 1

Braceface Pornography Story: Possibilities Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Yeah, I know I know… I dont own Sharon or Alden or anything related to
the cartoon Braceface… -_-

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Chapter 1

Its kind of ironic that I find myself writing in a journal again… I havent done this since I
was back in school. And thats been almost 10 years… Bah… I feel all old and shit… Not
that Im not happy with how my life has turned out (because I am…) but that letter just
brings back old headaches…

Well, headaches isnt really the term Id use… Its more like regrets… Ive made some
pretty big mistakes in my life that Im not proud of… In middle school it was like I was on
top of the world… I was one of the prettiest, most popular girls in the school and I had my
best friend Maria and I had my boy Alden… I know it sounds egotistical but it was wonderful…

But then, along came the hell commonly referred to as high school… I guess hell isnt the right
term because to most people I had it easy… The student body had pratically quadrupled from my
highschool but I still got straight As, was one of the in-crowd and I dated the hottest guy
in school (then it was Jason… Big, macho football captain with nothing between his ears)…
But I had to sacrifice things in order to get that perfect life… I had to sacrifice Maria
with her individual style and artistic flare… I had to stop associating with Alden since he
started hanging out with some of the punks who, according to Nina, I couldnt been seen with…
I even started ignoring Conner because he was a nerd… Im not proud of the way I
behaved because I was shallow, self-centered and very susceptible to peer pressure… I
thought I had put all this regret behind me…

During my freshman year in college, my brother, Adam, was driving home from a late
football practice and got rear-ended by a drunk driver… It was a real eye-opener… It
popped that little fantasy I had been living in… and, because I had pushed away all my true
friends, I had no one to turn to… So, instead of letting go all my pent up feelings, I
focused all my attention on my studies and Im currently working as a 2nd grade teacher
at Lincoln Elementary School… I couldnt be happier… I have my children, my fellow teachers
and my cat, Lily…

I dont even know why I started thinking about this again… I mean, its not like I can do
anything about it… Wait, I do know what spurred this little waltz down memory lane, and its
staring at me mockingly from my desk… my 10 year high school reunion… Ugh… I dont
want to go but its something I have to do… I have to face everyone, to show
them Ive changed before I can put everything behind me… Its not even that I want to
know how everyone turned out… Because, reguarding the people who matter, I do know…

Maria did make it as an artist… one of her paintings is currently hanging over my mantel…

Conner is a Political Science professor at our hometown University…

And Alden… Wow… Alden… They say you never forget your first love (well, he was my first
everything… my first kiss, my first love, my first heart break… we dated from 7th grade
through 9th before Nina convinced me to break it off with him because he gave me a bad image)
but its harder for me… I see Alden everywhere… Literally… Aldens dreams also came true…
Hes the lead guitarist and vocalist of the extremely popular punk band called the Fallen Angels…
The group is constantly on the news, MTV, or in the paper… It doesnt really help me let go…

And I have to go back and prove to them that Ive changed… That there was more to me
than just a pretty face…

Setting down her pen, Sharon sighed and got out of her chair slowly. Shaking her head to
clear her thoughts, she headed to the kitchen to pull out her frozen dinner from the
microwave. Feeling something rub against her leg, she looked down. Questionable meat
product and mashed potato cubes again. Does my dinner meet your approval Lil?

Grinning, she rubbed the almost pure white cat fondly under the chin before grabbing a
fork and walking back out to the living room. My living room… God it sounds good to say
that… My own place… No more sharing a place with another teacher… My apartment…
My privacy… Doing a spontaneous little dance before sitting back down at her desk, Sharon
set aside her new journal and grabbed a stack of spelling quizzes.

Focusing so intently on her dinner and grading, she nearly fell out of her chair when the
phone suddenly rang on the desk next to her. Swearing out loud, she shuffled through
papers before grabbing the ringing phone and answering. Yeah, Sharon here…


Blinking, Sharon held the phone a couple inches away from her ear and grinned at Lily,
who has meowed and was now staring at the phone with her head cocked to the side. Yup,
this is Sharon… Can I ask whos calling?

Oh, SORRY!! This is Melissa!!!

Trying not to snicker, she tried again. Okay. Well, Melissa who?

Haha, Im SUCH a ditz!! Melissa Pierce!! We went to HIGH SCHOOL together!!

Melissa… Melissa… Oooh yeah… Short bubbly brunette with glasses… Class president
or something… Oooh… Hey Melissa, how have you been?

Absolutely WONDERFUL!! Yourself? Well, thats great… As much as Id LOVE to
catch up on things I really called to ask if you are attending the REUNION??

Fiddling with her fork, Sharon answered hesitantly, To be honest, Im not, uh, quite sure
if I can get the time off from work… Its not a complete lie… Even if it is a weekend
Id have papers to grade and… stuff…


Wincing and holding the phone even further from her ear, Sharon tried to dodge the
question. Uh, well I might come… So, how have you been??

I already SAID that I was WONDERFUL… Now, you ARE coming… We ALL want to see
what has happened with our gorgeous PROM QUEEN…

Great, that stupid title is going to follow me to my grave… I can see it now… Sharon
Spitz… Beloved Teacher and PROM QUEEN… Blech… Honestly Melissa, Im not
positive Ill be able to make it…

Of COURSE youll make it… its not everyday you get to see all your CLOSE FRIENDS
again after 10 YEARS!! Now, do you want the Chicken Marsala, Fillet Mignon, or

Uh… the chicken… But seriously Melissa… I dont know…

Thats GREAT!!! See you in a week!! We have SO much to catch up on… Now wear
something fairly dressy… OKAY? OKAY!!! Bye!!!

Melissa… WAIT!!! I dont…


Glaring at the phone, Sharon laughed softly to herself and shook her head. Well, it
looks like my decision has been made for me… Now I remember why I never talked to
Melissa much… You could never shut the girl up… Well, I dont know if I should be
comforted by this fact or deathly afraid for my ear drums… Grabbing her empty tray,
Sharon threw it in the garbage next to her desk and straightened up the pile of papers in
front of her.

Shoving Lily off of her lap (to the cats disgust), Sharon got up and went into her
bedroom to begin the painful process of riffling through her closet to find something
suitable for the reunion.

Burrowing her upper body deep into the back recesses of her closet, Sharon grinned to
herself before letting out a loud Ah HA!! and yanking out a short black dress. Hearing
something tumble off of the shelf, she ignored the sound and turned to hold the dress up to
herself in front of a mirror.

Twirling around and laughing at her own childish behavior, Sharon turned to Lily (who
had stalked, disgruntled, into the bedroom with her) and asked her opinion. Lil, what do
ya think? Simply but elegant. Form-fitting yet not sluttish. Above the knees but not too
short. Comfortable. Classically elegant…

Grinning proudly at herself, she jerked the dress up above her head when her cat came
over to rub herself against Sharons legs, purring her approval. Ack! Cat hair!!

Pushing the cat away slightly, she hung the dress on the closet door (above the cats
reach) and started to go back through the closet to look for a pair of matching heels.

Pulling out one black pump, she burrowed back in and started feeling around for the other
before her hand came upon the box. Huh, must have fallen off the shelf…

Pulling the old shoe box out, she sat down in front of her closet to inspect her treasure.
Opening the lid, she murmured to herself when she realized that she had stumbled across
an old box of pictures, Wow, I thought I had thrown these out… Grabbing a bunch of
photos, she started to look through them.

Maria and herself in 6th grade making snowmen…

A picture of herself careening out of control on rollar blades, her two old dogs chasing
after her, probably around age 12…

Her and Maria during a sleep over,putting lipstick on Conners lips while he slept…

Conner grinning proudly at the camera and pointing to a slightly darker aread on his chin
(which apparently was facial hair)…

A picture of Maria and Conner on their first date…

Maria, Conner, Alden, and herself, with their arms around each other, grinning widely on
one of their many double dates during 9th grade…

Her attempting to get Adam in a headlock while Josh dribbled the basketball around the
two and tried to make a basket…

Herself and Alden, oblivious to the camera, with their arms wrapped around each other,
just starring into each others eyes, smiling softly…

Smiling to herself, Sharon took out the last 3 pictures and set them gently on her
bedside table. I guess some memories can be good… Ignoring the single tear that
had trickled down her cheek, she stared out her bedroom window, lost in her own

Covering his mouth to smother a yawn, Alden turned his head to stare blearily at the alarm
clock on the shelf next to him. 2:35 AM. Ugh, I really have to work on this insomnia

Turning his attention back to the notepad in front of him, he attempted to work on the
unfinished lyrics that had been bugging him for the last hour or so. Why doesnt it sound
right? Grr….

Rubbing the eraser back and forth viciously over the last set of lines he had written, Alden
attempted to rewrite the line, only to be interrupted when his pants started vibrating.
Pulling out his cell phone, he checked the caller id before answering. Hey Mum, whats
going on?

Not to much Aldie… I just received a letter for you from your old high school and I was
wondering if you wanted me to send it to you or just read it for you… It seems some
people have difficulty keeping up with you…

Grinning, he relaxed back against the bench before answering. Well, it might have
something to do with the fact that Ive been on a bus for the last 2 months… Huh… I dont
know what that letter could be about though… So just go ahead and open it for me…

Stifling a yawn, Alden heard paper rustle before his mothers voice came across the line
again. Oooh, thats so wonderful!! Guess what??!!

Raising an eyebrow, he couldnt help but ask, Uh, what?

Its your 10 year reunion in a week! Thats going to be so much fun… Youll get to see
all your friends!

What friends? he mumbled to himself.

Sorry, I missed that… What did you say?

Shaking his head, he ran his hand through his hair before answering Nothing Mum, dont
worry… Well, Im gonna get some sleep… Ill see you in two days when I get home!

Bye Sweetie!

Smiling to himself, Alden ended the call and shoved his cell back into his pocket. He
wasnt even sure if he wanted to go to the reunion. Its not like I have any close friends I
want to catch up on… Just Darren and maybe Sharon or Conner…

Lost in thought, Alden didnt even notice he had started doodling on the notepad until he
looked down and saw a grinning charicature of Sharon smiling up at him.

Without even realizing it, Alden began talking to himself. Well Sharon, I wonder what
ever happened to you… I probably should be mad at you for pushing me away like that…
But, I dont know… I could never stay mad at you for long… Well, maybe Ill be able to
say hi at the reunion… Who knows… Maybe even…

Yo, man, shut the fuck up… some of us actually do sleep around here

Glaring towards the bunk 10 feet behind him, he flicked his bandmate, Jessie, off before
closing the notebook on his lap. Hearing the man laugh then roll over and go to sleep,
Alden shut off the light next to him before walking back towards his own bunk. Might as
well get what sleep I can get…

Shutting the door behind him, Alden glanced quickly at the photos tacked onto the back of
his door and focused in on a picture of himself, Sharon, Conner and Maria all dressed up
for the 9th grade Formal. Smiling to himself, he yawned then flopped into his bed to get
some sleep…

Yeah, so let me know what you guys think… ^_^ And on a side note, the reason I decided
to start a new story was because I was listening to Avril Lavignes Skater Boy and I
thought I could turn it into a story… Well… With a happier ending… I just added Aldens
part after I had posted the first chapter so if you missed it, my apologies…

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