Braceface Pornography Story: Last Day Of College – Chapter Two

Braceface Pornography Story: Last Day Of College – Chapter Two

“But why? Everyone else is getting out today?” Sharon cried out. Brock
stood up.

“This is totally unfair! Why should we stay another week while everyone
else gets out?”

“Well, maybe there is a good reason for all of this. Why are we the only
ones still back in school?” Alden asked their teacher.

“Lets see, you aren’t the only school still in for a week. The other five
middle schools are still in for another two weeks to be lucky you only have
one more” Nina shook her head.

“Who cares Braceface? You guys are in school for one more week, boo-hoo,”
Nina said.

“What do you mean by, you guys?” Brock said glaring at Nina from over his

“I mean im going to Aspen tonight and im staying for two weeks so im not
going to be here.” Allison coughed a little and Nina looked at her, “oh
yea, Allison is coming with me.” Allison smiled at everyone as they began
talking even more rapidly and furiously. The bell rung and the day went on.

Sharon got home and opened the door and shut it with a slam.

“Why Sharon, I didn’t know you got to keep your books this year,” her mom
said putting some plates in the sink.

“We have another week of school mom. Another week,” Sharon said slamming
her head on the table. Josh ran downstairs with two water guns.

“Wanna call Conner and Maria? We can have a water fight!” he said putting
three of the guns on the table. Sharon knocked them off.

“To much homework,” She said looking up at Josh.

“So? You have all summer to do it,” he said sitting down.

“Not quite, we have another week of school.” Sharon grabbed her book bag
and went upstairs, stomping her foot on every step. She threw her book bag
down and fell onto her bed. She groaned and looked up.

“Another week of hell,” she said closing her eyes.

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