Braceface Pornography Story: Dont Leave Let me go Chapter 1

Braceface Pornography Story: Dont Leave Let me go Chapter 1

“Sharon What the hell! Where have you be..?” Her best friend Maria screamed
into the phone making Sharon’s ears ring.

” I’m not here right now, so leave a message and I’ll try to get back to
you as soon as I can.” The rest of the message said, revealing that Sharon
wasn’t to happy while making the message.

“Sharon, It’s Maria obviously, where have you been? Well call me back but
we are all going to look for you first at your usual spots, bye.”

Sharon sat beside the hospital bed in the intensive care unit, she looked
at her mom every once in awhile, her mom looked so sad!

“Mom” Sharon cried. “I’m so sorry, really, I am, it’s all my fault! I’m so
stupid!” Sharon said as her mother gave off a bit of a smile. “Please
answer me please!”

“I’m sorry dear.” The nurse that was keeping an eye on her mother spoke
silently. “She’s in a medicated coma, we don’t want her to feel any pain.

“Take the tub out of her throat so she can speak! Please! I really want to
say I’m sorry and have her know that I truly am!” Sharon cried.

“It’s okay.” The nurse cried while tears ran down her face. “If you tell
her she will know in her heart. I think you best be going now.”

” Come on you too.” Sharon said to her two brothers who seemed to be
unbelievably upset themselves.

“Sharon!” The doctor yelled as her ran down that hall. ” I need to talk to
you, it’s about the updates on your mother’s tests.”

“Okay, Speak, is it good news or bad?”

“Bad, Very bad!” The doctor whispered.

” Oh please no!” Adam cried clinging to the doctor refusing to let go.

“Do you guys want to hear?” The doctor cried.

“Yes please.” Sharon said trying to remain calm as she started to

“Okay..” The doctor cried. “I haven’t been so upset in my life. Here’s
what’s wrong, your mother.

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