Braceface Pornography Story: Operation Enlivenment Chapter Five

Braceface Pornography Story: Operation Enlivenment Chapter Five

Operation: Awakening
Chapter 4

Sharons POV

Sharon grinned. She couldnt believe how much fun she was having with Alden. Sure, they always have fun but she assumed being near Mike would put a major damper on things. Well, that fact probably will ruin my mood if I let it but Im not going to let it… The hockey game was going awesome, our team winning, and theres only about 15 minutes left in the game…

Looking over at Sophie and her boyfriend Andy, she laughed out loud when she saw that they had jumped up and started dancing to the song the pep band was playing. Shifting her gaze to Alden, she watched him grin at Soph and Andy before turning to meet her eyes with a mischievous glint in his eyes. Uh oh… Whats that boy up to now…

Grabbing her hands, Alden pulled her up off the benches and leaned over to whisper in her ear. What do you say, Shar… wanna give them some competition? Winking at her, he began dancing and, to her surprise, singing along with the lyrics at the top of his lungs.

Hey, hey baby
I wanna know
If you’ll be my girl
Hey, hey baby
I wanna know
If you’ll be my girl

Grinning, she couldnt help but dance as she started to get into the music. God, he can make me laugh so hard. And he looks so cute dancing and singing along like that …

Sharon gasped out loud when she felt Alden suddenly spin her around then wrap his arms around her stomach so they were dancing back to stomach. Feeling him lean forward and start singing softly next to her ear, she couldnt help but shiver at the sound of his voice. Its so low and smooth, its such a shame hes so shy about singing in front of people…

When I saw you walking
Down the street
I said that’s the kind of
Gal I’d like to meet
She’s so pretty
Lord, she’s fine
I’m gonna make her mine all mine

Melting backwards into his embrace, she closed her eyes and just swayed with him while she listened to him singing.

Hey, hey baby
I wanna know
If you’ll be my girl

When you turned and
Walked away
That’s when I want to say
Come on baby give me a whirl
I wanna know if you’ll be my girl

It was as if her whole world consisted solely of the sound of his voice in her ear and the feel of his body wrapped around hers.

Hey, hey baby
I wanna know
If you’ll be my girl

Hey, hey baby
I wanna know
If you’ll be my girl

Hearing the music start to fade away at the end of the song, Sharon squeezed her eyes together in an effort to hold onto the blissful feeling. Feeling Alden start to pull away, she opened her eyes and realized that practically everyone was staring at them.

Slightly embarrassed, she turned around to look at an equally embarrassed and blushing Alden. Clearing his throat, he tried to ignore it when everyone started cheering for them and changed the subject. Whats the plan Shar? You wanna leave now to avoid the traffic or wait until the game is over.

Smoothing a non-existent wrinkle in her shirt, she looked over to the score board before making her decision. 5-1, us. Theres no way the other team can get 4 points in 15 minutes, so just let me run to the bathroom then we can leave.

Nodding at her, Alden turned to start picking up their stuff as Sharon made her way through the aisle and towards the bathroom. Meeting Sophies eyes as she went by, she shifted her gaze down in an effort to avoid the knowing expression in the other girls eyes.

Pushing the door to the bathroom open, Sharon headed straight to the sinks to splash some water on her face before leaning against the basin and studying herself in the mirror and rationalizing to herself.

That meant nothing. Alden and I have always been close like that. It doesnt mean anything. In fact, hes one of the reasons I never dated much. People who didnt know us always assumed we were dating when, in reality, we were just really close friends.

Smoothing down her hair that had gotten slightly disheveled while she was dancing, Sharon took one last look at her flushed face before taking a deep breath and pulling open the door and heading out of the bathroom.

Leaning over to take a drink from the water fountain, Sharon felt someone behind her and stepped back from the fountain, assuming it was someone waiting for a drink. Turning around to look at whoever was behind her, Sharon found herself staring straight into Mikes cold brown eyes. How could I ever have found those eyes beautiful? Theyre so cold and emotionless…

Swallowing, she put on a fake smile before walking past Mike. Feeling her throat constrict as he stepped sideways to block her path, Sharon frowned. Uh, excuse me Mike..

Laughing humorlessly, Mike leaned against the wall to her left and blatantly blocked her escape. Well, hello there Sharon… I never thought Id see you around here… I figured youd run back to your little high school friends…

Getting annoyed, she glared at Mike before retorting, Yeah, well I could say the same for you… I expected you to be too busy at your dorm fucking the bimbo… Did she get bored with you already?

Seeing his jaw clench in anger, Sharon attempted to walk past him again but found herself still blocked. I wanted to come talk to some of MY friends… I didnt think Id have to deal with you and your boytoy cuddling all night and making me want to hurl.

Laughing out loud, she said, You wanted to hurl? Ha, atleast we werent practically screwing each other in public like some people I know… Move out of my way Mike, Alden is waiting for me…

Yeah, hes waiting all right… Like a little whipped puppy panting for attention… he said as he moved aside slightly. Shoving him as hard as she could, Sharon walked past him. Expecting him to either move aside or get in her way, Sharon was not expecting him to reach down, grab her ass, and squeeze roughly. Too bad he could never really handle you…

Doing the first thing that came to her mine, Sharon spun around and slapped him as hard as she could. Don’t. Ever. Touch. Me.

Ignoring her tingling hand, she stared, fascinated, at the bright red hand print on his cheek until she shifted her gaze to meet his eyes and saw the expression on his face. His eyes had gone flat and livid and his face had contorted in anger. Glancing around, Sharon felt herself go numb with fear as Mike clenched his fists and took a menacing step forward.

Never before has she been afraid of Mike, or any man for that matter. On the verge of panicking, Sharon stared into Mikes eyes like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car. Backing up, Sharon yelped when she felt herself bump into a wall of some sort; a very warm, solid wall. Still staring at Mike, she saw, to her confusion, him transform from positively livid to remarkably nonchalant with anger only evident in his eyes.

Turning around, she found herself looking into Aldens clear blue eyes, that shifted from glaring at Mike to staring at her in concern. Everything okay here Sharon?

Aldens POV

Glaring at Mike, Alden looked down at the distraught-looking Sharon. Everything okay here Sharon?

Aldens heart had practically stopped when he had seen her cornered by Mike down by the fountain. I swear, if hes laid a single finger on her…

Seeing her gather herself, she nodded and said clearly, Everything is fine… Mike was just leaving, werent you Mike?

Shifting his gaze back to Mike, he almost shivered at the fury he saw in the other guys eyes. Half expecting some sort of confrontation, Alden tensed and waited for Mike to respond. The ball is in his court…

Mike stood taunt for what seemed like minutes before nodding stiffly and walking back towards the stands. The benefits of being bigger and more muscular than him… He doesnt want to take me on… Even though he looked pissed enough to do some real damage… What the hell just happened? And why did he look like Sharon had slapped him?

Focusing his attention back to Sharon, he noticed she had started to tremble slightly so he pulled her towards himself and rubbed his hand up and down her back soothingly. What exactly just happened Shar, he asked softly as they started to walk towards the Jeep.

Nibbling her lip, she shook her head. Nothing happened… We just got into an argument… Thats it… Frowning because he knew she was lying (I hate it when she feels she has to lie to me…), he shrugged and steered her towards the passenger side door.

Taking the car keys from around her neck, he put a finger over her lips when she started to protest that she could drive. I know you can drive… I just think you need to think some things over right now so Ill just drive you home, okay?

Okay Ald… Her immediate agreement gave away exactly how troubled she was over her encounter with Mike. Shar never does anything anyone tells her to do unless she wants to… thats one thing I love… uh, like… about her… Helping her into the passenger seat, he wrapped his coat around her before shutting her door and walking over to the drivers side.

Giving her time to collect herself, he drove towards home in silence. Pulling into her driveway, he turned off the ignition and just sat there, staring straight ahead, knowing she still needed some time.

After a while, he heard her shift in her seat and turn towards him. Still staring straight ahead, he almost jerked in surprise when he felt, first her breath then her lips, brush softly against his cheek.

Holding his breath, he almost groaned when he felt her pull away and gently take the keys from his hand. Hearing the door open, he heard a soft Thanks Ald… before the door closed and Sharon walked slowly towards her house.

Seeing her bedroom light go on, he got out and locked the doors. Standing next to her Jeep, waiting, he reached up to touch his cheek where his skin still tingled from the soft feeling of her lips.

Closing his eyes, he tried to lock everything he was feeling into his mind before looking up and watching until her bedroom light went off. Smiling softly to himself, he started walking next door to his own home.

Stopping only once when he reached his door, he turned and looked one last time at her window and said softly Ill always be there for you Shar… Always… before turning and going inside.

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