Braceface Pornography Story: Decisions Chapter Five

Braceface Pornography Story: Decisions Chapter Five

Sharon drove to the drugstore. It was 2:30 so anyone who went to her school would still be there, hopefully. The last thing she wanted was for everyone at school to be talking about her, especially since she wasnt even sure if it was true yet.

When Sharon finally got to the drugstore, she went in and got a few things. She picked up a couple of magazines, some lip gloss, nail polish and the one thing she really came there for… a home pregnancy test.

After Sharon paid for her items, she drove back home, went into the bathroom and took the test. After she did what the instructions said, she sat on the edge of the bathtub as she waited for the results. According to the instructions, she had to wait five minutes and then the window on the stick would show a plus sign if she was pregnant or a minus sign if she was not.

As Sharon was waiting, she started thinking about what she was going to do if she really was pregnant. She was only seventeen. How was she going finish school this year? It was her last year of high school and she was supposed to graduate. Would they even allow her to stay in her current school if she was pregnant or would she have to transfer to some alternative school? Even if she did manage to finish high school, how would she attend college next year and achieve her life-long dream of becoming a veterinarian if she was stuck taking care of a baby? Of course, she could always put the baby up for adoption… or get it aborted. Her heart sunk at the mere thought of having an abortion. She was surprised at herself for even considering it. But would she really have any other choice?

She also thought about how everyone around her would react to the news. Her parents would probably disown her. Adam was going to kill her and then he would kill Alden next. Her reputation at school would be ruined. Even though almost everyone in high school was having sex, the girls who got pregnant always seemed to be the ones who got labeled as sluts or whores. That actually didnt seem very fair, really. Even Josh was going to be shocked by this news. And Alden. Poor Alden! This was going affect him more than anybody else. He was probably going to dump Sharon if she turned out to be pregnant. After all, he had a life-long dream too, of becoming a rock musician. Things were finally starting to happen for his band, Mangled Metal. He wasnt going to want to give all that up and become a father.

Sharon looked at her watch. Ten minutes had passed since she first took the test. The results were definitely ready now. She walked over to the counter and picked up the stick. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she started to calm down a bit, she opened her eyes up and looked at the stick. In the window she saw… a plus sign… a big red plus sign.

She stared at the stick for a few seconds, hoping that the sign in the window would magically change into a minus sign if she looked at it long enough… but it didnt. She put the stick back inside the box it came in and left her house. She threw the test away in a trash can at some nearby alley. She did not want her mom or brother to find it.

When Sharon got back to her house, she looked at her watch once again. It was 3:35… and it was Thursday which was one of the only days that Maria didnt have some extracurricular activity after school. Sharon picked up her cell phone and dialed her best friends number.

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